Coll., Dossier “Re-conceptualizing Refugees and Forced Migration in the 21st Century”, Refugee Review [en ligne], juin 2015, vol. 2, n°1

Refugee Review: Re-conceptualizing Refugees and Forced Migration in the 21st Century
Refugee review_re-conceptualizing forced migration


The Shifting Borders of Interdiction and Asylum: A Canadian case study of safe country of origin policies

The perils and possibilities of citizenship transformation: health-based claims and the Canadian Interim Federal Health Plan reform debate LUCIA FRECHA

Continental Drift: Realigning the Humanitarian Purpose and Practical Reality of International Refugee Law in Western States BEN MILLS

Statelessness Protections as a Remedy for Protection Gaps in Jordan and India MIRIAM ACED AND ANWESHA GHOSH

Co-Ethnicity, Security and Host Government Engagement: Egypt as a Non-Traditional Receiver of Migrants and Refugees KELSEY P. NORMAN

Politicizing Environmental Displacement: A Four-Category Approach to Defining Environmentally Displaced People NICOLE MARSHALL

Germany as Host: Examining ongoing anti-immigration discourse and policy in a country with a high level of non-national residents SABINE LEHR

Understanding India’s Refusal to Accede to the 1951 Refugee Convention: Context and Critique SREYA SEN

Climate refugees? Alternative and Broadened Protection Avenues for Refugees from Small Island Developing States (SIDS)  MAINÉ ASTONITAS, JACQUELINE FA’AMATUAINU, and  AHMED INAZ

Refugee decision-making in Canada: difficulties in accessing the research site and strategies for resolution SULE TOMKINSON

MoVE (method:visual:explore): Marginalized migrant populations and the use of visual and narrative methodologies in South Africa ELSA OLIVEIRA

Compassion and Pragmatic Action: The Restoring Family Links Program CHRISTA CHARBONNEAU KUNTZELMAN

The Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins Program: An Ongoing Community Project Report: Reflections On Higher Education In A Refugee Setting THEOGENE BARAVURA

Introduction: Seeking Safety on the High Seas HILLARY MELLINGER

Conceptualising ‘people on the move’ in the Horn of Africa and Yemen MELISSA PHILLIPS

Seaborne Asylum Seekers in the 21st Century: An Australian’s Perspective BAYAN EDIS

How to Re-Frame? European State Reactions to the Situation of “Seaborne Migrants” in the Mediterranean SOPHIE HINGER

How To Re-Conceptualize The Right To Asylum In The Lethal Sea-Crossing Age? CHIARA DENARO

Changing State Responses in the Central Mediterranean: Search and Rescue, Interdiction, and Externalisation

From “Boat People” to “Irregular Maritime Migrants:”  A Re-conceptualization of Seaborne Refugees after 40 Years OLIVIA TRAN

Secret Trial 5: Interview with Director AMAR WALA

Liberia: Past, Present, Future: An Interview with LAURA BERLINGER, WILLIAM JACOBS and GARRETSON SHERMAN

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