Research Associate, 5 Year Full Position, University of Hamburg (Allemagne) — LIMITE : 17/06/2015

Among your responsibilities are:

– Working in the ERC-project COBHUNI (Contemporary Bioethics and the History of the Unborn in Islam)

– Research in the are of « Digital Humanities » and corpus linguistics

– conceptualization and implementation of internet-based tools for citation analysis and development of a meta data model

– supervision of the data ingest (Scans, OCR, XML etc.) and technical instruction of the research team

– technical supervision of the virtual web servers and repositories (Fedora/MyCoRe)

– Analysis of passages of Arabic Hadith- and Quran-commentaries addressing pre-natal life for their citations-patterns within the commentary literature

The full position commences on 1 Sept 2015 and is fixed to 31 Aug 2020. Information:

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