St Andrews Third Biennial Conference on Syria : “Moving Beyond the Stalemate” — Université de St. Andrews, Écosse, 01-03/07/2015

The conference aims at attracting scholars at all career levels, including post-graduate students, from a broad range of disciplines. Original research based on empirical data and/or new theoretical approaches are encouraged. Contributions by Syrian scholars are especially welcome. Papers may cover a variety of topics and are not confined to the following suggestions:

•The nature of the Syrian war: actors, identities and interests
•The Silent and Marginalized voices: Is there a ‘third force/way”?
•The Islamist opposition and the evolution of Syrian Islam amidst the conflict
•Regime survival
•State collapse, violence and the disappearance of borders: the rise of ISIS, sectarian transnationalism, and international intervention.
•The future of Syria: Is a diplomatic solution viable? Is an Iranian-Saudi détente over Syria possible? Is a power-sharing formula (or consociational democracy) possible?

Outstanding contributions will be considered for publication in the Syrian Studies Journal and for inclusion in an edited volume to be published by Routledge.

The international conference will bring together in one place the largest and most diverse concentration of scholars of Syria. It will feature papers by some 25 based on innovative and cutting edge research. The Roundtable discussions feature the biggest names in the field of Syrian studies, diplomacy and conflict resolution. Roundtable participants David Lesch, Steven Heydeman, Nir Rosen, Samir Aita, Michael Williams and Carsten Wieland have all been intimately involved in diplomacy, track II and conflict resolution projects regarding Syria. I William Zartman is the world’s most famous expert on conflict resolution in failed states. Special guests, Nicholas Van Dam and Ibrahim Hamidi, will be featured participant in the workshops. The workshops will give all conference attendees a chance to interact with these scholars and practitioners in debating the way forward in the Syrian crisis. The registration fee includes three nights accommodation, plus many meals, teas and coffee, etc.

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