Appel à communications : « ‘Mastery’ across Early Modern Eurasia », RSA 2016 : 62nd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, 31/03-02/04/2016 — LIMITE : 31/05/2015

Mastery, in its broadest definition, is to become adept at a traditional routine. In art history, the figure of the master-artist, by and large male, has been a fundamental category linked to concepts as personal/periodical style and national/regional schools as they all serve as paradigms in the master-narratives that constituted and continue to inform the discipline itself. In the terminology of European art in particular, notions like ‘master-painting’ or ‘the old masters’ still hold unquestioned currency. This panel will explore mastery as cultural specific concepts, asking for models and understandings of mastery and its individual embodiment in the traditions of Eurasia. How was mastery defined in particular cultures? Did mastery embody a concept of common understanding, such as wonderment and exceptionality, across early modern Eurasia? How does the figure of the master relate to traditions of epic and historical writing? Are there female dimensions to the figure of the master known to such cultures?

Please send abstracts (no more than 150 words) and a short CV (300 words maximum) to and
by no later than 31 May 2015.

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