Appel à communications : International Workshop on Islamic Peace Ethics “Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence in Contemporary Islamic Thought”, Institut für Theologie und Frieden, Hambourg (Allemagne), 16-17/10/2015 — LIMITE : 15/08/2015

International Workshop on Islamic Peace Ethics:

Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence in Contemporary Islamic Thought

16-17 October 2015, Hamburg, Germany

– with:

  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Ansorge, Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georegen, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

  • Prof. Dr. Seyed Hassan Eslami, University of Religions and Denominations, Qom, Iran

  • Prof. Dr. Sohail Hashmi, Mount Holyoke College, USA

  • Prof. Udo Steinbach, HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform, Berlin, Germany

– Invited professor:

  • Prof. Abdul Aziz Said, Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace, School of International Service, American University

ITHF invites researchers to submit their abstracts for the workshop “Islamic Peace Studies: Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence in Contemporary Islamic Thought” to be held in 16-17.10.2015 in Hamburg. This workshop is organized in the frame of an ongoing research project about “Islamic peace ethics” in ithf (Institut für Theologie und Frieden). We hope that the workshop will generate new and insightful discussions about the subject with the goal of long-term networking plan in the field. Travel and accommodation funds are available for paper presenters. The number of participants will be limited to 10-15 Persons. The priority will be given to postdoc researchers or PhD students in an advanced phase. The submitted abstracts will be reviewed and commented by the invited experts and members of the scientific committee. Workshop papers will be published after peer-review in an edited volume. We welcome the papers as research results as well as reports or piece of works in progress.

The main goal of the workshop is to discuss the normative grounds of violence in contemporary Islamic thought with focus on the theoretical and methodological challenges of the topic. Comparative (inter-religious, intercultural, and intra-Islamic) researches are welcome too. Highly recommended are presentations that problematize the normative approach toward Islam and peace/war and investigate the interaction between normative and social-political factors regarding violence.The main questions of the workshop are:

  • How contemporary Muslim scholars legitimize or delegitimize violence and war?

  • What are the methodologies and resources of their argumentation?

  • How different normative fields (law-fiqh, theology, philosophy, mysticism, etc.) in Islamic knowledge tradition are engaged with the question of violence?

  • What is the interaction between normative and social-political factors in Islam-related violent and peaceful phenomena?

The second goal of the workshop is to create an international and interdisciplinary long-term forum for researchers of the field. The workshop should bring the researchers about Islam and peace from different disciplines and universities together and help the formation of an international and interdisciplinary network on Islam and peace studies for further activities. During the workshop the possible forms of continuity of the workshop and network will also be discussed.

The abstracts (200-300 words) with a CV to be submitted by 01.06.2015. The languages of workshop are English and German.

Important dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: 01.06.2015

  • Notification of selection/acceptance selected abstracts: 01.06.2015

  • Paper submission deadline: 15.08.2015

  • Notification of selected papers: 01.09.2015

  • Commencement of Workshop: 16-17.10.2015

  • Submission of edited papers for publication in a peer-reviewed volume: 01.12.2015

Contact person for further questions and submission of abstracts:

Heydar Shadi,, +494067085921

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