Appel à articles : Dossier “The Rebel”, Middle East – Topics & Arguments (META) Journal — LIMITE : 15/06/2015

The peer-reviewed online journal “Middle East – Topics & Arguments” (META) is calling for submissions for its sixth issue, which will be entitled The Rebel. Over-thrower of old orders, the rebel stands out as a positive and romanticized figure of European political avant-garde. As Tunis’s and Cairo’s youth took to the streets to challenge the Ben Ali and Moubarak regimes, they were rapidly framed in European representations, seen as leading their own “springtime of the people”.
However, the analogy seemed inoperative as soon as Daesh emerged as a dominant offspring of the Syrian rebellion: religious conservatism, war crimes, and rhetoric of hate appeared incompatible with the European representation of the rebel. This begs the question: what does actually separate the Daesh rebel from the Free Syrian Army rebel; the Daraa rebel from the Tahrir rebel; the European rebel from the Middle Eastern rebel? This leads us to the more delicate question of the line to be drawn between the rebel and the terrorist.

Prior to developing a complete manuscript, authors are asked to submit an abstract (300 words max.), a short CV (150 words max.) and 3-5 key bibliographic sources. Please clearly indicate the research question, the method to be used, and the empirical material your research will be based on. Papers are accepted in English and French.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 15 June, 2015.
The deadline for article submissions is 30 September, 2015.

Proposals and manuscripts and other editorial correspondence should be sent to:

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