Appel à communications : International Conference of the German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation (DAVO), Bochum (Allemagne), 24-27/09/2015 — LIMITE : 15/05/2015

Call for Papers for open panels during the international DAVO Congress in Bochum, 24-27 September 2015

You are kindly invited to send paper proposals until 8 June 2015 to the chair persons of the open panels of the  « 22nd International Congress of the German Middle East Studies Association (DAVO) »

The titles of the open panels are shown in the text below and the detailed descriptions of the panels are attached. Further panel proposals are welcome.

1) Implementing National Spatial and Urban Policies

    Chair: Dr. Sebastian Elbe and Dr. Katrin Bäumer (Darmstadt)

2) The Economic Development Perspective of the Arab States after the „Spring“

    Chair: Salam Said (Erlangen/Bremen)

3) Urban Governance, Housing Policies and Livelihoods in Arab Cities: Revolutionary Times?

    Chair: Maike Didero (Aachen)

4)  Kemalism as a Fixed Variable in the Republic of Turkey? – History, Politics, Society

     Chair: Prof. Dr. Lutz Berger (Kiel)

5)  Sexuality and Marriage in Islamic Communities

     Chair: Thomas Gugler (Münster) and Johannes Rosenbaum (Bamberg)

6) Rethinking Middle Eastern Studies Post-Arab Revolts

    Chair: Ali Fathollah-Nejad (London/Brussels)

7) Towards Critical Iranian Studies: New Perspectives on Post-Revolutionary Iran

    Chair: Ali Fathollah-Nejad (London/Brussels)

8) Four Years After: The Post-Arab Spring Era and its Multifarious Challenges for the European Union

    Chair: Prof. Dr. Annette Jünemann and Julia Simon M.A. (Hamburg)

9) Multiple Forms of Political and Cultural Expression: Youth Cultures in the Arab Gulf States

    Chair: Menno Preuschaft (Münster)

10) Beyond Orient and Occident: Israel’s Cultural Location in the Middle East
     Chair: Shelley Harten (Berlin) and Johannes Becke (Heidelberg)

11) Salafism –  An Islamic Fundamentalist Movement in the National and International Spotlight

      Chair: Thorsten Gerald Schneiders (Duisburg) and Dr. Jörn Thielmann (Erlangen)

12) Islamophobia as Research Assignment for Islamic Science

     Chair: Thorsten Gerald Schneiders (Duisburg)

Please note the following deadlines:

– Until 15 May 2015: Further abstracts of proposals for open panels for which papers are invited. These proposals will be forwarded to more than 5500 scholars. Send your proposal (abstract maximum 200 words) to the General Secretary of conference Amke Dietert

– Until 15 June 2015: Proposals for closed panels, papers and posters (abstract up to 200 words)

– Until 15 July 2015: Information about the approval or rejection of the proposals.

– Until 31 July 2015: Registration of participation in the conference at a reduced fee.

– After 31 July 2015: Registration of participation in the conference at an increased fee.

– 24 September 2015: General Meeting of the members of DAVO and the Section Conference of the Islamic Studies Section of the DMG.

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