Seminar “Religious Transnationalism” — VU University, Amsterdam, 16-17/04/2015

Venue : VU University (Metropolitan building, room Z009 and Z007), De Boelelaan 1081, Amsterdam

Time: 9.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m.


  • Prof. Dr. Thijl Sunier, department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU University
  • Prof. Dr. Nina Glick Schiller, University of Manchester

 General theme

The seminar deals with the contemporary dynamics of transnational religious fields across the world by addressing the shifting configurations between new modes of transnational religious practices on the one hand and evolving forms of nation-building and national domestication of religious communities in a time of growing nationalism en exclusion. Transnational activity of religious communities and social actors is certainly not new, nor is the paradox between people living religious lives, locally and transnationally and states domesticating religions (Glick Schiller et al. 1994). However, emerging new forms of regulatory regimes both at a national and a local level have engendered new forms of transnational activity. The ever changing character of the ‘cosmologistical problem’ (Vasquez et al. 2003) informs and shapes new modes of transnational religious activity.

Keynote address: Prof. Dr. Manuel Vasquez (University of Florida, USA), Thursday morning, the 16th

“Seeing Transnationally: Religion and the Emergence of New Regimes of Visibility and Discipline”

 Four panels ( Click here for the full program in PDF)

  • Transnational religious activism
  • Pilgrimage
  • Secular intolerance
  • Cosmopolitanism and religion

 Admission is free. Please register with Heleen van der Linden:

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