Second Conference of the School of Mamlūk Studies ⎯ Université de Liège (Belgique), 25-28/06/2015

The conference will be divided into two parts:

1) The first day of the conference (June 25) will be themed. The theme of this part of the conference will be: “The Mamlūk Sultanate and Its Periphery”. If our knowledge of the capital (and the provincial capital of Damascus) is rather comprehensive, the periphery of the sultanate has received less attention. The aim of this themed day is thus to focus on those areas located far from the capitals and close to borders (either natural, like the sea or mountains, or political). This will allow specialists in a wide gamut of fields, from history to architecture, from economy to administration, from diplomacy to politics, to address various issues linked with, e.g., the concept of periphery, the control of the borders, the intellectual, economic, and artistic life in border cities, etc.

2) The following three days of the conference (June 26–28) will be structured in panels, which may focus on any aspect of the intellectual, political, social, economic, and artistic life of the Mamlūk period.

Language :
The official language of the conference will be English.

Fees :
The conference registration fees will be 40 € for participants and attendees. A farewell dinner will take place on June 27 at a cost of 50 €.

Deadline for Registration: 30 April 2015

Plus d’infos:

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