Pedram Khosronejad (dir.), Untold Stories. The socio-cultural life of images in Qajar Era Iran, Berlin, LIT Verlag, 2015, 160 p.

90607-6_Khosronejad_Bd2.inddIn Iran, the history of photography and cinematography is mired with doubts and ambiguities. Whilst academic debates have focused on Qajar photography and cinematography from the viewpoint of historical analyses and technical aspects, there does not appear to be any anthropological, and particularly, visual anthropological research on these two important visual mediums. This book presents first results using visual anthropology, ethnographical film, media and visual studies as a methodological framework .



Photographic documentation of Tazieh and Taqlid during the Qajar era
Ali Gholipoor

The disfigured and the abnormal captured by the lens of Qajar era photographers
Alireza Nabipoor

Photography and recognizing historical changes of the Qajar era: a new historical view
Ali Mohammad Tarafdari

Comparative analysis of Iranian and foreign photographers’ representations of the Qajar era
Abbas Amiri

Back in the picture: early film techniques used to capture the Qajar era
Alex Fischer

Portraiture in Qajar Iran and the Ottoman Empire: a comparative approach
Basak Kilerci

Tracking a modern visual element through two similar conditions of chaos
Siamak Hajimohammad


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