Appel à articles : Special Issue “Islam in South Asia”, Journal of Islamic Thought & Civilization — LIMITE : non précisée

The Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan, is publishing a bi-annual peer reviewed research journal of international standard titled ‘Journal of Islamic Thought & Civilization’. The Journal, which was first brought out in 2011, has been well received by academicians and researchers worldwide, and five issues have been published to date. With an international advisory board comprising of renowned scholars from USA, UK, Malaysia, Kenya, Canada, Australia and Pakistan, the journal has a global circulation.

The first two issues comprised of selection of research articles presented in national conference on Islam and Modernity (2009), and International Conference on Islamic Civilization: Potentials and Challenges (2011). The third issue covered a diverse range of topics from wealth management in Islam to Foucault‘s refutation of religion and from reconstruction of humanities in Islamic perspective to a reflection on the Muslim world‘s resources. The fourth issue comprised of the aesthetic aspect of Muslim culture, i.e., Epigraphy of Bengal and Andalusia and Architecture of Uzbekistan besides covering the mystic dimension of the Islamic Tradition of Imam Ghazali. The fifth issue included research articles ranging from definition of Islamic Tradition, postmodern equipment of research of Arkoun and an analysis of the intertwined roles of faith and reason in contemporary Islam.

To sum up, the Journal provides a platform to Islamic scholars, researchers, postgraduate students and social scientists for publication of their research articles. Its avowed mission is to encourage research in Islamic thought and civilization, and open up new avenues in the world of academia. Contributors may focus on various aspects and shades of Islamic Thought & Civilization including Islamic art and architecture, Comparative Study in Religions and Civilizations, Oriental and Occidental Studies, and contemporary political and cultural dilemmas faced by Muslim world.

The editorial Board of the Journal invites call for Papers on the theme of Islam in South Asia

  • Islam and Muslims in Postcolonial South Asia
  • Muslim Identity in South Asia
  • Competing Perspectives of Unity vs. Diversity of South Asian Muslims
  • Religious Conversion in South Asia
  • Urdu Language in South Asia
  • Postmodernism and the South Asian Muslims
  • Globalization and Muslims in South Asia
  • Ethno-religious Integration & Disintegration in South Asia
  • Cultural diversity of South Asian Muslims
  • Islam, Gender and South Asia
  • Negotiating Islamic Tradition in Modern South Asia: Religious Authority and Reform
  • Religion and Spirituality in South Asia: Historical Contexts

You are welcome to submit a research paper for subsequent blind peer review and publication in the Journal. You are also requested to disseminate information regarding the Journal to your colleagues who may be interested in making a submission of their own.

You may also visit the following link to preview previous issues of the Journal and to follow the guidelines

Dr Humaira Ahmad
Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization
University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: +92 42-35212801-10, Ext: 3530

UAN: +92 42 111 300 200

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