Appel à articles : “Social Stratification”, Turkish Journal of Sociology Issue 33 (2016/2) — LIMITE : 30/11/2015

Issue Editor: Dr. Lutfi Sunar, Istanbul University

Deadline for Submission: 30 November 2015

Although social stratification is one of the main areas of sociology, it remains an understudied subject in Turkey. In light of the recent and growing debates and interest in the area, The Turkish Journal of Sociology has chosen Stratification as its special topic for the 33th issue that will be published on May 2016.

In the context of macro-processes such as globalization, neoliberal economic policies and transformation of nation state; social structures and social stratification systems have been going through enormous changes. Attitudes and behaviors, actions and demands, desires and inclinations, and economic, social and political positions of social classes have also been transforming in various ways. Transformation of old classes; emergence of new classes and thus changes in social structures are among the main subjects that occupy the agenda of contemporary debates in sociology.

The purpose of this specific issue is to revisit social stratification with its changing formations. In this framework, topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Globalization and stratification
  • Stratification and work life
  • Power and social inequality
  • The global elite, global managerial class
  • Transformation of the middle class, and the new middle class
  • Transformation of the working class
  • Stratification and social mobility
  • Downward mobility and proletarisation
  • Stratification and social problems
  • Stratification and education
  • Gender and stratification
  • Social stratification in social theory
  • Class and aesthetics
  • Transformation of stratification in Turkey

Original research papers will be given priority. The deadline for paper submission to this issue is November 30, 2015.

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