Rivetti, Paola & Di Peri, Rosita (dir.), Dossier “Continuity and change before and after the Arab uprisings in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt”, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 2015, vol. 42, n°1


Continuity and change before and after the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. Regime reconfiguration and policy-making in North Africa, Paola Rivetti

Change and Continuity after the Arab Uprising: The Consequences of State Formation in Arab North African States, Raymond Hinnebusch

Constitutions against Revolutions. Political Participation in North Africa, Gianluca Parolin

The Project of Advanced Regionalisation in Morocco:  Analysis of a Lampedusian Reform, Raquel Ojeda García and Ángela Suárez Collado

From reform to resistance: Universities and student mobilisation in Egypt and Morocco before and after the Arab Uprisings, Florian Kohstall

Enduring class struggle in Tunisia: the fight for identity beyond Political Islam, Fabio Merone

Labour Demands, Regime Concessions: Moroccan Unions and the Arab Uprising, Matt Buehler

An enduring ‘touristic miracle’ in Tunisia? Coping with old challenges after the revolution, Rosita Di Peri

Shifting Priorities or Business as Usual? Continuity and Change in the post-2011 IMF and World Bank Engagement with Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt, Adam Hanieh

No democratic change… and yet no authoritarian continuity. The inter-paradigm debate and North Africa after the uprisings, Francesco Cavatorta

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