Coll., Dossier “Islamophobia”, Critical Sociology, janv. 2015, vol. 41, n°1


    • David Fasenfest, Western Societies and Islam

Symposium: Islamophobia

    • Steve Garner and Saher Selod, The Racialization of Muslims: Empirical Studies of Islamophobia
    • James Carr and Amanda Haynes, A Clash of Racializations: The Policing of ‘Race’ and of Anti-Muslim Racism in Ireland
    • Leon Moosavi, The Racialization of Muslim Converts in Britain and Their Experiences of Islamophobia
    • En-Chieh Chao, The-Truth-About-Islam.Com: Ordinary Theories of Racism and Cyber Islamophobia
    • Saher Selod, Citizenship Denied: The Racialization of Muslim American Men and Women post-9/11
    • Mairtin Mac an Ghaill and Chris Haywood, British-Born Pakistani and Bangladeshi Young Men: Exploring Unstable Concepts of Muslim, Islamophobia and Racialization

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