Coll., Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations, 2015, vol. 26, n°1


Nature as Muslim: Applying a Qur’anic Concept to the Bible

John Kaltner, p. 1-16

The Evolution of Darwin to a “Unique Christian Species” in Modernist-Apologetic Arab-Islamic Thought

Uriya Shavit, p. 17-32

Boko Haram in Retrospect

John Azumah, p. 33-52

The Nation and the Nun: Mother Teresa, Albania’s Muslim Majority and the Secular State

Cecilie Endresen, p. 53-74

Rejecting Sectarianism: Palestinian Christians’ Role in Muslim–Christian Relations

Noah Haiduc-Dale, p. 75-88 

Theology after Dialogue: Christian–Muslim Engagement Today and Tomorrow

Douglas Pratt, p. 89-101

Islam ist Barmherzigkeit: Grundzüge einer modernen Religion [Islam Is Mercy: Trajectories of a Modern Religion]

Katharina Völker, p. 103-105

The House of Service: The Gülen Movement and Islam’s Third Way

Scott Bertrand, p. 105-107

The Qur’an in Christian–Muslim Dialogue: Historical and Modern Interpretations

David D. Grafton, p. 107-109

Organizing Muslims and Integrating Islam in Germany: New Developments in the Twenty-First Century

Mathias Rohe, p. 109-111

Muslim Minorities and Citizenship: Authority, Communities and Islamic Law

Mansur Ali, p. 111-113

Tradition and Modernity: Christian and Muslim Perspectives

Douglas Pratt, p. 113-114

Salafi Ritual Purity: In the Presence of God

David H. Warren, p. 115-117

Islam and China’s Hong Kong: Ethnic Identity, Muslim Networks and the New Silk Road

David Lee, p. 117-119

A Policy of Hope: Kenneth Cragg and Islam

Richard J. Sudworth, p. 119-121

Women in Lebanon: Living with Christianity, Islam, and Multiculturalism

Sylvie Avakian, p. 121-123

Understanding the Qur’anic Miracle Stories in the Modern Age

Damian Howard S.J., p. 123-124

Muslim Spain Reconsidered: From 711 to 1502

Charles L. Tieszen, p. 125-126

Prayer: Christian and Muslim Perspectives

Douglas Pratt, p. 127-128

No Peace without Prayer: Encouraging Muslims and Christians to Pray Together; A Benedictine Approach

Douglas Pratt, p. 128-130


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