Gingrich, Andre & Lutter, Christina (dir.), Dossier « Visions of Community: Comparative Approaches to Medieval Forms of Identity in Europe and Asia », History and Anthropology, 2015, vol. 26, n°1


Visions of Community: An Introduction
Andre Gingrich & Christina Lutter, p. 1-7

Power and Ethnicity History and Anthropology
Patrick Geary, p. 8-17

Comparing Communities—The Limits of Typology
Walter Pohl, p. 18-35

From the “Good Tradition” to Religion on Some Basic Aspects of Religious Conversion in Early Medieval Tibet and the Comparative Central Eurasian Context
Guntram Hazod, p. 36-54 

Lex alterius: Using Law to Construct Confessional Boundaries
John Tolan, p. 55-75

An Historian in the Amazon
Barbara H. Rosenwein, p. 76-91

Pars Pro Toto Observation: Historical Anthropology in the Textual Field of Rasulid Yemen
Daniel Martin Varisco, p. 92-109

Multiple Histories: Three Journeys through Academic Records, Medieval Yemen, and Current Anthropology’s Encounters with the Past
Andre Gingrich, p. 110-128

Comparative Approaches to Visions of Community
Christina Lutter, p. 129-143

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