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Call for Reviews of Human Rights Films: Societies without Borders

The editors of Societies Without Borders: Human Rights and the Social Sciences would like to invite reviews of films and documentaries dealing with human rights. Reviews should be original and accessible to a broad readership. Scholars, teachers, students, practitioners, and activists are all invited to submit. Preference will be given to reviews of more recent films, and those for which the human rights content is most apparent.

Reviews should do at least four things:

1)   Inform the reader about the content of the film, drawing explicit attention to the human rights problem and its portrayal in the film

2)   Evaluate and critique the film’s content, in particular its human rights analysis

3)   Provide an assessment of the film’s overall quality and effectiveness

4)   Indicate whether/how the film might be appropriate for classroom use (in terms of clarity, length, and relevance to a particular subject)

Reviewers may also consider identifying questions raised by the film, and any ethical concerns that the film may or should have addressed.

Submissions should contain text only, should not contain footnotes or endnotes, and should not exceed 700 words. Each submission should include a Cover Letter that contains:

1)   Complete reviewer information (name, address, phone/fax, e-mail, institutional affiliation, and a 50-100 word biography)

2)   Complete film information (title, year, length, language/subtitles if any, producer/director)

3)   Any other important and relevant information

The style of all reviews should follow the American Sociological Association’s style guide, explained here:

The deadline for film reviews is quarterly (December 1 in 2014; March 1, June 1, and September 1 in 2015). Submissions should be sent to LaDawn Haglund at

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