Séminaire d’histoire de l’Éthiopie médiévale et moderne — Addis Abeba, CEES, 1er mardi par mois, 13h-15h,2014-2015

Organised by :

  • Anaïs Wion (CFEE, CNRS),
  • Shiferaw Bekele (History dpt., Addis Abeba Univ.),
  • Deresse Aynatchew (Zer’a Ya’eqob Centre for Medieval Studies, Debre Berhan Univ.),
  • Kindeneh Endeg (Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Abeba Univ.),
  • Thomas Guindeuil (CFEE),
  • Margaux Herman (CFEE)

This seminar on Ethiopian medieval and post-medieval history aims at presenting ongoing research by Ethiopian and international scholars : historians, philologists, archeologists, and other scholars in the social sciences and humanities interested in historical issues. Each monthly session will allow an in-depth and extended discussion.
The very large period (11th-18th c.) offers the opportunity to discuss the relevance of classical periodisation such as medieval and modern or post-medieval. Examining the nature of the documentation, the changes and mutations of the phenomenons under study, as well as interactions between societies and cultures are tracks to interrogate our understanding of the time frames of Ethiopian “pre-contemporary” history.
The diversity of the sources and the methodologies that will be presented during the year do have one common characteristic : field-work. The heuristic of field research is also one of the red thread that can be followed during this seminar.


Each session stands on Tuesday afternoon morning, from 2 PM to 5 PM. It can host two scholars, preferably one senior and one junior, so the schedule is still open.

28 Oct. 2014 : New research trends on Southern Ethiopia historical archeology
- Dr. Yonas Beyene (ARCC-Hawassa, CFEE) and Metassebia Bekele (ARCC-Hawassa) : « Archaeological and ethno historic research at Nagassa, Gamo-Gofa »
- Anne-Lise Goujon (research assistant, EHESS, Paris) : « Megaliths of Gedeo zone : an appeal for documenting and studying of South-Ethiopia stelae sites »

2 Dec. 2014 : The Aksumite site of Wakarida, Tigrai : archaeological research 2011-2014
- Iwona Gajda (CNRS , Orient & Méditerranée), Julien Charbonnier (CNRS, ArScAn) and the team.

30 Dec. 2014 : Interdisciplinary approaches on a 15th century monastic foundation in Tegray, Dabra Sahēl
- Ewa Balicka-Witakowska : “Introduction : Däbra Sahel : Past and Present”
- Michael Gervers : “Churches of Dabra Sāhel »
- Jan Retsö : « Manuscripts of Dabra Sāhel »
- Jacek Tomaszewski : « Paintings on Wood in Däbrä Sahel : Problems of Conservation »

3 Feb. 2015 : Muslims community in Ethiopia during Medieval Times : cases of Harar and Warji
- Amélie Chekroun (IMAf, Paris), « Foundation and foundation myths of the city of Harar ».
- Deresse Aynatchew (Debre Berhan University), « Historical survey of the Wärğəḥ : Muslim community in the Christian highland of Šäwa »

3 March 2015 : Christian and muslims sources about XIVth century Ifat re-examined
- Daniel Assefa (Capucin Center for Research and Spiritual retreat, Addis Abeba) : « The military campaigns of King Amda Tseyon (1314-44) : a literary analysis »
- Anne Regourd (CNRS, UMR 7192 – Islam in the Horn of Africa), « The gravestones of the sultans of Walasma (Ifat), 2d half of the 14th (8th) century : context and epigraphy »

7 April : to be defined

5 May : to be defined

9 June : Women saints – PROVISORY TITLES
- Wendy Belcher (Princeton Univ.) : « The Life and Struggles of Our Mother Walatta Petros, a Seventeenth-Century Hagiography of an Ethiopian Female Saint »
- Selamawit Mecca (AAU) : « Female hagiography in Ethiopia »

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