Meer, Nasar, Key Concepts in Race and Ethnicity, New Dehli, Sage, 2014, 176p.

Meer“An excellent book both for those who are new to the study of race and ethnicity and for established scholars. It will no doubt be the text of choice on many courses and by many students.”
– Tariq Modood, University of Bristol

“A fresh and critical take on key concepts and ideas in the field of race and ethnicity. Nasar Meer’s account is a must for all students who are interested in deepening their understanding and it will become an important point of reference.”
– John Solomos, University of Warwick

“A conceptually power-packed volume that is at once erudite and accessible, expansive and focused, true to sociological traditions yet stimulatingly exploratory. Scholars and students will be served very well by this absorbing, far-reaching enquiry into ethnicity and race.”
– Raymond Taras, Tulane University

“This concise, profound, and beautifully written book offers a tour de force across the landscape of race and ethnicity by a young author who masters them all.”
– Per Mouritsen, Aarhus University

This book offers an accessible discussion of both foundational and novel concepts in the study of race and ethnicity. Each account will help readers become familiar with how long standing and contemporary arguments within race and ethnicity studies contribute to our understanding of social and political life more broadly.

Providing an excellent starting point with which to understand the contemporary relevance of these concepts, Nasar Meer offers an up-to-date and engaging consideration of everyday examples from around the world.

This is an indispensable guide for both students and established researchers interested in the study of race and ethnicity.

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