Lust, Ellen, The Middle East, 13e édition, New Delhi, Sage, 2014, 1072p.

LustThis new edition of Ellen Lust’s The Middle East builds on its long-standing reputation as the most comprehensive, balanced, and nuanced introduction to the region. Lust and her outstanding contributors have fully revised the text to take into account the watershed events that have taken place in the Middle East since the 2011 uprisings. The book also adds important coverage with a new thematic chapter on religion, society, and politics in the region, which examines the role of both Islam and Judaism.

Based on reviewer feedback, other improvements to the text include:

  • A reorganization of the thematic chapters in the first part of the book to better reflect how the course is taught, with chapters on Institutions and Governance and the Political Economy of Development in the Middle East preceding the chapter on Social Change in the Middle East.
  • The chapter on Actors and Public Opinion now examines the role of social movements and activism in greater detail.
  • All country chapters now address religion in the context of society and politics more explicitly.
  • All tables, figures, boxes, and maps have been updated for the latest information.

Both students and instructors will appreciate the wealth of online ancillaries that accompany this edition:

  • A downloadable, searchable chronology of major events,
  • Lists of resources for further study;
  • All of the maps, tables, and figures are available for download.

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