Mathéy, Kosta & Matuk, Silvia (dir.), Community-Based Urban Violence Prevention Innovative Approaches in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab Region, Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag, 2014, 314p.

KostaUrban violence has become a major threat in big cities of the world. Where the orthodox protection through the police and individual target hardening remain inefficient, the population must organize itself.
This book contains first-hand accounts on a selection of the most innovative experiences in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab region and is of interest likewise for academics and urban practitioners, policy makers, international cooperation experts or travelers preparing a visit of one of the affected countries.
With a preface by Caroline Moser.
Kosta Mathéy (Prof. Dr.) is director of GLOBUS, the Global Urban Institute, in Berlin and teaches at the HafenCity University Hamburg. He conceived the »Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading Program« in Cape Town, generally considered to be the most successful of that kind in Africa.
Silvia Matuk (Dipl.-Ing.) is co-director of GLOBUS and worked in housing reconstruction after the civil war in El Salvador.
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