Hudson, Leila, Iskandar, Adel & Kirk, Mimi (dir.), Media Evolution on the Eve of the Arab Spring, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, 300p.

image-service_004Leading scholars of Arab media come together to offer unparalleled insight into the communication environment that preceded the political and societal ruptures that shook the Arab world 2010-2011. Examining the role of competing publics, the state’s ability to construct meaning, and social and political change in the region, they unsettle oversimplifications of much of the existing literature and examine numerous precipitating conditions, including, political stagnation, civil engagement, new media, rural and urban divides, Islamist blogospheres, video games, Turkish and Syrian dramas, mediated diplomacy, and diaspora.

Table of Contents

Publics, Imaginaries, Soft Power, and Epistemologies on the Eve of the Arab Uprisings; Leila Hudson and Adel Iskandar


1. Arab Media, Political Stagnation, and Civil Engagement: Reflections on the Eve of the Arab Spring; Mohamed Zayani

2. New Media, Social Change, and the Communication Revolution in an Egyptian Village; Sahar Khamis

3. Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere: Politics, Culture, and Dissent; Bruce Etling, John Kelly, Robert Faris, and John Palfrey

4. From Brotherhood to Blogosphere: Dynamics of Cyberactivism and Identity in the Egyptian Ikhwan; Courtney Radsch


5. Preaching Islam to the Video Game Generation: New Media Literacies and Religious Edutainment in the Arab World; Vit Sisler

6. Neopatriarchy in Syrian and Turkish Television Drama: Between the Culture Industry and the Dialect Imagination; Leila Hudson

7. Media Fatwas and Fatwa Editors: Challenging and Preserving Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s Religious Authority; Bettina Gräf

8. Technology Literacies of the New Media: Phrasing the World in the ‘Arab Easy’ (R)evolution; Yves Gonzalez-Quijano


9. BBC Broadcasting in the Middle East: The Evolution of Public Diplomacy; Annabelle Sreberny

10. New Media and Public Diplomacy in the New Arab World; Philip Seib

11. Al Jazeera English as a Conciliatory Medium; Mohammed el-Nawawy and Shawn Powers

12. Imagined Coherence: Transnational Media and the Arab Diaspora in Europe; Khalil Rinnawi


13. The State of Arab Journalism Studies; Noha Mellor

14. Arab and Western Media Systems Typologies; Kai Hafez

15. Defying Definition: Toward Reflexivity in ‘Arab Media’ Studies; Adel Iskandar

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