Khosronejad, Pedram (dir.), Women‘s Rituals and Ceremonies in Shiite Iran and Muslim Communities: methodological and theoretical challenges, Berlin, Lit Verlag, 2014, 200p.

CoverabbildungIn this volume the authors present and discuss different aspects of their field research and experience in regard to women’s rituals and devotional practices. One of the main aims of this book is to broaden our understanding of women’s devotional lives, as well as calling attention to its relation to general social change. Most of the contributions are based on field research, direct observation and participation in rituals. This gives the reader a unique opportunity to better understand methodological challenges related to gender issues and field research among Muslim communities.


Editor’s Introduction

Sabine Kalinock — Reenacting the past, negotiating the present: ‘arus-i Qoraysh ritual of Iranian women

Faegheh Shirazi — Sofrih and walima: food as ritual in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Pedram Khosronejad — Gageriveh, Bakhtiari women’s lamentations: between self-suffering and tribal identity

Manijeh Maghsudi — Healing rituals among female Turkmens of Iran

Su Min — Feelings, funerals and female Muslim-Hui in southwest Shandong China

Anna Neubauer — Methodological implications of the researcher’s gender and religion: reflections on fieldwork with Sufi women in Istanbul

Ingvild Flaskerud — Women transferring Shia rituals in western Migrancy

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