Appel à communications : International Research Workshop/Conference “Responses of Jewish Law to Developments in Modern non-Jewish Law”, Jérusalem (Israël) — LIMITE : 30/11/2014

Jewish life throughout the world was powerfully influenced by non-Jewish legal and administrative frameworks. In modern times, such influences increasingly impacted Jewish existence in areas such as marriage and divorce, immigration, taxation, trade, labor law, service in the armed forces, freedom of expression etc. While some researchers tend to analyze and interpret halakha as if it were a closed autarchic system, such an approach cannot enable a full and accurate understanding of developments in Jewish law.

Following the success of a series of bi-weekly meetings during the 2013/2014 academic year, the Da’at haMakom Center for Research Excellence (ICORE) and the Tager Program for Jewish Law at Bar Ilan University have decided to convene an International Research Workshop, devoted to deepening the discussion on the following question:

How did changes and developments in non-Jewish legislation (and other non-Jewish sources of normative obligation) influence and impact halakhic deliberations and decisions in modern times (until 1948)?

Established academics and younger researchers from all countries are invited to submit proposals for new research papers relating to this question, to be presented at a research workshop scheduled to convene at Bar Ilan University between the 2nd and 4th of June 2015. Relevant disciplines include Jewish Law/Halaka, Jewish History, Jewish Thought, General Legal History, Islamic Legal History, Middle Eastern Studies, Social Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, International Relations, European Studies,

Proposals of up to 300 words in length and a brief CV should be sent to the address of the conference organizers (below), by November 30th 2014. Replies will be received by December 21st 2014. To enable devotion of the sessions to in-depth discussion and interaction, each participant will be expected submit a well-developed draft of his/her paper by the end of April 2015.

It is anticipated that assistance in funding travel and/or lodging expenses for participants from abroad will become available, but cannot be definitely ensured at this stage.

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