Appel à articles : Dossier “Periphery”, The peer-reviewed online journal Middle East — Topics & Arguments (META) — LIMITE : 31/01/2015

The peer-reviewed online journal Middle East — Topics & Arguments (META) is calling for submissions for its next issue, which will be entitled “Periphery“.

The issue turns the focus to spatial differentiation and processes of social and political change in the MENA Region. We start from the assumption that a “periphery” is neither a given nor a static entity to be localized on the “natural” margins of certain regional, national or global units. Instead, we assume that “peripheries” emerge through complex processes of change in demography, economic relations, political decision-making as well as socio-cultural norms and values. We call for conceptual articles and case studies that shed light on peripheries in a MENA context from a broad array of disciplines including sociology, political science, anthropology, geography, economics, history, cultural studies and media studies. We encourage papers from both synchronic and diachronic perspectives that look at different scales of peripheries; such as global, regional, national, metropolitan centers and urban agglomerations, as well as the scale of cities and rural areas.

Deadline for full-paper-submissions is 31 January, 2015 For more detailed information see:

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