Graduate Student Opportunity for 2 MA students interested in undertaking qualitative-based work examining Muslims and marriage in France, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) — LIMITE : 15/02/2015

Having secured Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council funding, I aim to hire two graduate students on a stipend that will top up the standard graduate student funding for one year (for one project-based MA) or two years (for one thesis-based MA).

Fellowships are valued at $15,000 CAD per year. Students will also receive some subsidized travel to conferences and be given the opportunity to co-author work with me. In addition, the thesis-student will be supported in his/her fieldwork with me in France (for support of approximately $5,000). Applicants must be fluent in French.

To qualify for funding, students must have held a 75% average in the last 20 courses of their latest degree. In addition to this funding, graduate students have the opportunity to be employed as Graduate Assistants in our department. Tuition at MUN is the lowest in Canada outside of Quebec. Please visit our departmental website for more information (

Although these funding packages are tied to the researcher, prospective students must follow the formal application process for graduate school at Memorial University of Newfoundland. For more information on the School of Graduate Studies go

The deadline for applications to the graduate program in the Department of Religious Studies is February 15, 2014 for a September 2015 admission.

All interested applicants for these two posts should kindly contact me, Jennifer Selby, at prior to applying.

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