Coll., Journal of Near Eastern Studies, octobre 2014, vol. 73, n° 2



An Early Umayyad Papyrus Invitation for the Ḥajj (pp. 179-190) — Petra M. Sijpesteijn

The Conquest Eponyms of Šamšī-Adad I and the Kaneš Eponym List (pp. 191-210) — Yigal Bloch

NP 46: A New Middle Assyrian Letter (pp. 211-218) — Jaume Llop and Mikko Luukko

Dry Climate in the Middle Bronze I and Its Impact on Settlement Patterns in the Levant and Beyond: New Pollen Evidence (pp. 219-234) — Israel Finkelstein and Dafna Langgut

Hoopoes and Acacias: Decoding an Ancient Egyptian Funerary Scene (pp. 235-252) — Arlette David

Interpreting Written Morphology: the sḏm.n=f in the Pyramid Texts (pp. 253-271) — Andréas Stauder

En Route to Egypt: Akko in the Persian Period (pp. 273-282) — Gil Gambash

assinnu and kurgarrû Revisited (pp. 283-297) — Ilan Peled

Assyrians, Syrians and the Greek Language in the late Hellenistic and Roman Imperial Periods (pp. 299-317) — Nathanael Andrade

Models, Portraits, and Signs of Fate in Ancient Arabian Tradition (pp. 319-340) — Aida Gasimova

Book Reviews

Hittite Votive Texts, by Johan de Roos (pp. 341-345) — Review by Richard H. Beal

Das Archiv des Idadda: Die Keilschrifttexte aus den deutsch-syrischen Ausgrabungen 2001–2003 im Königspalast von Qaṭna. Mit einem Beitrag von Peter Pfälzner, by Thomas Richter and Sarah Lange (pp. 345-351) — Review by Dennis Campbell

Catalogue of the Western Asiatic Seals in the British Museum. Stamp Seals III. Impressions of Stamp Seals on Cuneiform Tablets, Clay Bullae, and Jar Handles, by T. C. Mitchell and Ann Searight (pp. 351-354) — Review by Mark B. Garrison

Prestiti privati dei mezzi ufficiali di scambio nel periodo medio-assiro, by Claudio Saporetti (pp. 354-357) — Review by Nicholas Postgate

The Healing Goddess Gula. Towards an Understanding of Ancient Babylonian Medicine, by Barbara Böck (pp. 357-364) — Review by Ulrike Steinert

Studies in the Historical Syntax of Aramaic, by Na’ama Pat-El (pp. 364-366) — Review by Dennis Pardee

The Ugaritic Texts and the Origins of West Semitic Literary Composition, by Dennis Pardee (pp. 366-368) — Review by Juan-Pablo Vita

Foreigners and Egyptians in the Late Egyptian Stories: Linguistic, Literary and Historical Perspectives, by Camilla Di Biase-Dyson (pp. 368-370) — Review by Nikolaos Lazaridis

Sufism, Black and White: A Critical Edition of Kitāb al-Bayāḍ wa-l-Sawād by Abū l-Ḥasan al-Sīrjānī  (d. ca. 470/1077), edited by Bilal Orfali and Nada Saab (pp. 370-371) — Review by Th. Emil Homerin

Non-Muslims in the Early Islamic Empire: From Surrender to Coexistence, by Milka Levy-Rubin (pp. 372-373) — Review by Rasheed Hosein

The Legendary Biographies of Tamerlane: Islam and Heroic Apocrypha in Central Asia, by Ron Sela (pp. 373-374) — Review by Nurten Kilic-Schubel

The Spirituality of Shi‘i Islam: Belief and Practices, by Muhammad Ali Amir-Moezzi (pp. 374-378) — Review by Andrew J. Newman

Muslim Exegesis of the Bible in Medieval Cairo. Najm al-Dīn al-Ṭūfīʾs  (d. 716/1316) Commentary on the Christian Scriptures. A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation with an Introduction, by Lejla Demiri (pp. 378-381) — Review by Mustafa Shah

Scramble for the Past. A Story of Archaeology in the Ottoman Empire, 1753–1914, edited by Zainab Bahrani, Zeynep Çelik, and Edhem Eldem (pp. 381-382) — Review by Karen L. Wilson


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