First international Levantine Conference : “The Levantines : Commerce and Diplomacy” — Istanbul (Turquie), 03-05/11/2014

Levantine Heritage is an informal, non-political research group and discussion forum for people interested in the heritage of the communities of the former Ottoman Empire. It comprises both academic researchers and descendants of those communities.

We use the term ‘Levantine’ to describe the people of Western European origin, whose long term domicile was in the Eastern Mediterranean, within the former boundaries of the Ottoman Empire. Our research is on every aspect of their culture, including genealogy, cuisine, architecture and economic history.

Our main web site,, is the hub of our research group with a growing range of personal submissions, photographic records, diaries and memoirs, academic papers and links to genealogical information, histories and other reference works.

In November 2010 we had a successful Symposium in Izmir, Turkey and this cemented our group with meetings and exchanges. The Symposium proceedings were recently published and are available on our website. In addition we have meetings at regular intervals both in London and Izmir.

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