Third International Conference on Iran’s Economy — Boston College (États-Unis), 24-25/10/2014

IIEA – Third International Conference on the Iranian Economy: 24-25 October 2014 (Boston)
The International Iranian Economic Association (IIEA) is pleased to announce its third international conference on Iran’s Economy to be held at Boston College, Boston (USA), on 24-25 October 2014.
As with its first two conferences (SOAS, 2011, and Bilgi University, 2013), the purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for the best current research on Iran’s economy and to generate information and encouragement for future high quality research in this area. We aim to build on these initiatives to ensure high quality international research on Iran’s economy continues to receive the attention and priority it merits.

IIEA is a new global initiative by top economists concerned with the state of research and scholarship on Iran’s economy. It is a private, non-profit, and non-political association of scholars interested in the study of economic issues concerning Iran, in the broadest sense of the term. Membership is open to all individuals throughout the world with a professional interest in Iran’s economy.  Membership is not limited to Iranian economists alone, and the title of the Association and its remit have been duly defined to draw from, and widen interest in, best academic standards to promote research and scholarship on Iranian economy.

The specific objectives of the IIEA are:

a. Promotion of high standard economic scholarship and research on Iran’s economy

b. Promotion of cooperation among persons and organizations committed to the objectives of IIEA

c. Facilitation of communication among scholars through its webpage, meetings and publications

d. Promotion of better understanding of Iran’s economic policy challenges and opportunities.

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