Appel à communications : 6th Nordic Geographers’ Meeting (NGM), « Geographical Imagination: Interpretations of Nature, Art and Politics »,Tallinne, Tartu (Estonie), 15-19/06/2015 — LIMITE : 10/10/2014

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Session: Post-conflict art and performance: politics, spaces, legacies.

Convenor: Dr Amanda Rogers, Swansea University UK.

This session will explore how the creative arts are used, recovered, remembered and revived in the wake of conflict. Inspired by debates in political theory, it takes the perspective that conflict is difficult to separate temporally and spatially, instead considering how ‘post-conflict’ does not necessarily mean a state of peace, but a continuous permeation of these events throughout social and political worlds (Baillie 2013). As a result, the session will address how wars, genocide and political protests shape the expressive forms, spatialities and politics of creative practice. In turn, artistic mediums can be used to explore and expose these geographies on bodies, among communities, and in sites of memory or displacement. In so doing, the arts may create further conflict-spaces, open up debates around events, enable reconciliation and help rebuild lives and identities. This session will examine these themes, developing recent geographical work on the relationship between art and the politics of war, memory and activism (Ingram 2012; Till 2012).

Potential topics could include but are not limited to:

–        Creative identities and practices occurring in sites of conflict
–        Conflict representation in and through artistic expression
–        Art/performance, activism and protest
–        Political censorship and spaces of creative practice
–        Art/Performance, reconciliation and peace
–        Heritage and reconstruction through the arts

If interested, please send a short bio and 300-word abstract to Dr Amanda Rogers at by 10 October, 2014.


Baillie, B. 2013. Capturing Facades: Structural Violence and the (Re)construction Vukovar’s Churches. Space and Polity, 17: 300-319

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