Bajalan, Djene & Karimi, Sara Zandi (dir.), Dossier “The Kurds and their History: New Perspectives”, Iranian Studies,Septembre 2014, vol. 47, n° 5.


The Kurds and their History: New Perspectives, p. 679-681
Djene Bajalan & Sara Zandi Karimi

Arab Ethnonyms (‘Ajam, ‘Arab, Badū and Turk): The Kurdish Case as a Paradigm for Thinking about Differences in the Middle Ages, p. 683-712
Boris James

Elî Teremaxî and the Vernacularization of Medrese Learning in Kurdistan, p. 713-733
Michiel Leezenberg

In the Name of the Caliph and the Nation: The Sheikh Ubeidullah Rebellion of 1880–81, p. 735-798
Sabri Ateş

The Rise of Red Kurdistan, p. 799-822
Harun Yilmaz

The Kurds and Settlement Policies from the Late Ottoman Empire to Early Republican Turkey: Continuities and Discontinuities (1916–34), p. 823-837
Serhat Bozkurt

The Kurdish Cultural Movement in Mandatory Syria and Lebanon: An Unfinished Project of “National Renaissance,” 1932–46, p. 839-855
Jordi Tejel Gorgas

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