Kandil, Hazem, Inside the Brotherhood, Stafford (Australie), Polity, 2014, 240p.

JACKET 978074568291.inddThis is the first in-depth study of the relationship between the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its own members. Drawing on years of participant observation, extensive interviews, previously inaccessible organizational documents, and dozens of memoirs and writings, the book provides an intimate portrayal of the recruitment and socialization of Brothers, the evolution of their intricate social networks, and the construction of the peculiar ideology that shapes their everyday practices.

Kandil shows why attempts to compare the Brotherhood to secular social movements or typical forms of religious activism obscure its unique nature, and he seeks instead to unlock the organization’s unique logic. Building on his original research, Kandil reinterprets the Brotherhood’s slow rise and rapid downfall from power in Egypt, and compares it to the Islamist subsidiaries it created and the varieties it inspired around the world.

This timely book will be of great interest to students and scholars of the politics of the Middle East and to anyone who wants to understand the dramatic events unfolding in Egypt and elsewhere in the wake of the Arab uprisings.


Chapter I – Breeding the Brother
Chapter II – Building the Brotherhood
Chapter III – Forging the Ideology
Chapter IV – The Slow Rise and Rapid Fall from Power
Chapter V – Islamism in Egypt and Beyond

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