Akhtar, Parveen, British Muslim Politics. Examining Pakistani Biraderi Networks, Hampshire, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, 216p.

This book is the first comprehensive study of politics, participation and civic engagement in Pakistani Muslim communities in the UK. Written from an insider perspective, British Muslim Politics, offers a unique take on a demographic group that has been the subject of much public and policy concern in recent times. Arguing for a critical reappraisal of our views of ‘Muslim’ politics, the book takes a panoramic view of a decade that has seen many significant events shape the political practices of Pakistani Muslims in the UK (from the 2001 summer riots, to 9/11, to 7/7). For over a decade the author has been embedded as a researcher in the Pakistani community and has thus had access to people, places, narratives and stories that allow her to provide a comprehensive account of political processes affecting this community. British Muslim Politics is a refreshing look at how religion, ethnicity, people, and place shape contemporary politics.


1. Post-war Pakistani Migration and Settlement
2. Politics of Immigration and Settlement Politics: State Responses, Masculine Corporatism and Biraderi Leadership
3. Rushdie, the Limits of Biraderi Politics and Muslim Organisations
4. Biraderis and Biraderi-Politicking in Contemporary Politics
5. Changing Identities and Biraderi Across Generations
6. Young Pakistanis in the Public Sphere: ‘New’ Community Organisations
7. From Cultural Religion to Political Islam and back again

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