Ghaziani, Amin & Mohr, John W. (dir.), Dossier “Measuring Culture”, Theory and Critique, Juillet 2014, vol. 43, n° 3-4.

ghaziani_mohrThe Special Issue (July 2014) focuses on the problem of “Measuring Culture” and it includes 11 articles that raise a number of fundamental theoretical issues — from the philosophical concerns of Ernst Cassirer on the problem of measurement, to the possibilities of measuring shared cultural resonance, formally analyzing humor, strategically theorizing mixed methods approaches, employing measurement tools developed by psychologists, measuring institutional logics or urban sexual cultures, cultural holes, the culture of markets, collective theories of the future or employing Big Data tools for measuring culture. 

The articles are listed below:

  • John W. Mohr and Amin Ghaziani, “Problems and prospects of measurement in the study of culture.”
  • Terence E. McDonnell, “Drawing out culture: productive methods to measure cognition and resonance.”
  • Iddo Tavory “The situations of culture: humor and the limits of measurability.”
  • Ashley Mears, “Seeing culture through the eyes of the beholder: four methods in pursuit of taste.”
  • Stephen Vaisey and Andrew Miles, “Tools from moral psychology for measuring personal moral culture.”
  • Roger Friedland, John W. Mohr, Henk Roose and Paolo Gardinali, “The institutional logics of love: measuring intimate life.”
  • Amin Ghaziani, “ Measuring urban sexual cultures.”
  • Omar Lizardo, “Omnivorousness as the bridging of cultural holes: A measurement strategy.”
  • Frederick F. Wherry, “Analyzing the culture of markets.”
  • Ann Mische, “Measuring futures in action: projective grammars in the Rio+20 debates.”
  • Christopher A. Bail, ”The cultural environment: measuring culture with big data.”

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