Appel à communications : Third Islamic Economics Workshop “Labor in Islamic Economics”, Istanbul (Turquie), 03-05/04/2015 — LIMITE : 30/10/2014

The Third Islamic Economics Workshop will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015 under the topic of “Labor in Islamic Economics.”

We call for papers from any discipline that address the conference themes, including, but not limited to, papers that intersect and/or interconnect with the following subjects:

·       What are the similarities and differences of the conceptualization of labor in Islamic economics compared to modern economic theories?

·       What is the framework in Islamic economics for the concept of labor?

·       How should one approach the labor processes and transformations taking place in employment relationships in today’s global economy from an Islamic perspective?

·       What does an Islamic perspective of economics suggest about the circulation/mobility of labor?

·       How should the dynamics of distribution and redistribution be structured for the sake of a righteous, economical life?

·       How should the labor market be regulated as a social policy element?

·       What does Islamic economics suggest about the labor organizations and trade union movements?

·       How should new employment relationships in the context of the distribution of income and the improvement of production systems be?

Our plan for the 2015 Islamic Economics Workshop, in connection to the above topic questions, will be to discuss the subject of Islamic economics and labor. Transportation and accommodation will be covered.  Applicants are asked to submit an abstract and a CV by October 30, 2014 to

For more information please click and for further assistance e-mail us at

Scientific Studies Society
Uskudar Istanbul
Tel: +90 216 310 4318
Visit the website at

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