Appel à communications : International Conference “Local History of Mazandaran/The Fifth Local History Gathering in Iran”, Sary (Iran), 25/02/2015 — LIMITE : 15/12/2014

February 2015 Iran’s colorful ethnicities, geographic regions and administrative divisions of the country, represent its various horizons in the course of time. Paying attention to all these issues, simultaneously, is not in one’s power, neither do circumstances nor time limits permit this. From another point of view, local / regional study expects to refine and deepen its focus in the form of location, time and alsotheir political, administrative divisions. The scientific-historical extractions and reflections in thisfield have facilitated the countries micro and macro planners. Moreover, time has shown that identifying the spatial identity of Iran’s geographical politics essentially needs mechanisms such as those for control over resources, culture as well as unique twists to any position identified in the local format.

Thus, the focus of this meeting is on the Caspian region, as a rich case study, is a model for discussing both its longitudinal and lateral relations. The past of Mazandaran, throughout its history suggests that this region, from the distant past up until the modern era, reaching out right through to the contemporary times has been effective in the national geographic and political structure. Although the administrative and political divisions, in various eras, have constantly touched the regional body of this area, at times either limiting or extending it. . This opportunity lends us this occasion to represent, reconstruct and re-read both the far and near past of Mazandaran, in various areas regarding the following general topics:
• Methodology and Local History
• Sources and Documents of Local History
• Local Geography and Local History
• Political Geography and Local History
• Family History and Elites (Rejal)
• Social Institutions, Guilds and Local Social Classes
• Regional/ Local Economy, Sea and Mazandaran Development
• Local History, Culture and Identity
• Local History, Security and Justice
• Local History and Tourism
• Foreign Subjects, Ethnic Compositions and Minorities
• Mazandaran and Russians
• New Softwares for Mazandaran Studies
* It should be noted that unmentioned topics may also be proposed by researchers creating an opportunity for those involved in the meeting as an occasion to expand the scope of researches. Also, the participants of the workshop can submit projects and posters centering on these topics.

Iran’s Local History Society, The Institution of Sary Studies, The University of Farhangian (Pardis Branch of Doctor ShariatiMazandaran), Governor of Mazandaran, Sary Municipality, Isfahan University, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage (Mazandaran), Tourism and Handicrafts Center of Mazandaran.

1. Abstract Submission: 15 October 2014 (Maximum of 250 words)
2. Submission of Articles: 15 December 2014 (5000-4000 words)
3. Conference Date: 2015/Feb/25

Place: Sary, Iran
Headquarters: Sary, Qaren St., The Institution of Sary Studies


Tel: +98-9133135211

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