Appel à communications : Conférence annuelle du SeSAMO, Venise (Italie), 16-17/01/2014 — LIMITE : 30/07/2014


The Italian Association for Middle Eastern Studies (SeSaMO) announces a call for papers for its annual conference to be held at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice on January 16-17, 2015. We are seeking papers for the following panels (see below). If interested, please contact the panels’ directors with a paper abstract (max 250 words) by 30th July 2014.

Please note that abstract submission might have a different deadline depending on single panels: please contact the panels’ directors to learn more about the submission deadline.

For general inquiries about the conference, you can contact Dr. Paola Rivetti at Please do not address abstracts to this email.

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Panel List:

1. Arab Emigration and Fortress Europe: The European Union and a Middle East in Transition (directed by Maria Gianniou and Gerasimos Tsourapas)

2. Israel-Palestine through the Lenses of the Settler-Colonial Paradigm (directed by Nicola Perugini and Enrico Bartolomei)

3. Monde arabe et Afrique sahélienne: économie politique de relations en recomposition (directed by Giorgio Musso and Raphaelle Chevrillon-Guibert)

4. Oil Shocks and Regional Transformations in the Middle East and North Africa: The Late 1970s and Early 2010s Compared (directed by Massimiliano Trentin and Fred Lawson)

5. Origin and Development of the Political Parties System in the Arab World: A Comparative Perspective (directed by Belkacem Benzenine and Clément Steuer)

6. Boundaries and Identity Spaces in the contemporary Middle East (directed by Marina Calculli and Daniel Meier)

7. Electoral frameworks and party systems in the Persian Gulf after the Arab Spring (directed by Luciano Zaccara and Paola Rivetti)

8. Lebanon facing the Arab uprisings. Between internal challenges and external constraints (directed by Rosita Di Peri and Daniel Meier)

9. What Economic Changes? Theoretical Debates and Actors at stake in the MENA Region (directed by Clara Capelli and Massimiliano Trentin)

10. The interest of analysing public management in North African countries under the governance framework (directed by Raquel Ojeda Garcia, Victoria Veguilla Del Moral and Francesco Cavatorta)

11. “Printemps arabe”: pourquoi l’effet domino n’a t-il pas eu lieu? (directed by Pierre Blanc and René Otayek)

12. Experimental and alternative urbanism in the MENA region: building a critical and ‘political’ research on the ‘new’ modes of making the city (directed by Pierre-Arnaud Barthel and Valérie Clerc)

13. Public Policing the Middle East: Exploring the Micro-Foundations of Regime Persistence in the Arab World (directed by Steven Heydemann and Frédéric Vairel)

14. The Arab Springs and the West (directed by Domenico Copertino and Luca Nevola)

15. Tra inclusione e radicalizzazione: l’Islam radicale dopo il 2011 (directed by Lorenzo Vidino and Stefano M. Torelli)

Voir le détail des panels : SeSaMO Venice 2015-CFP non pre-org panels

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