Workshop : Introduction to Turkish-American Studies — Boğaziçi University Alumni Association Building, Istanbul, 06-07/06/2014

June 6­-7, 2014

Workshop Program

Introduction to Turkish­American Studies Boğaziçi University Alumni Association Building June 6­7, 2014

organized by the Cultural Studies Association of Turkey

Thursday, 5 June

18:00—Drinks at the Bebek Hotel Bar

Friday, 6 June

9:00 to 17:00—Workshop registration

10:00—Opening Remarks

Cash bar

  • Oya Başak (Boğaziçi University)
  • Gönül Pultar (Cultural Studies Association of Turkey) Louis Mazzari (Boğaziçi University)

5­minute break

10:35 to 11: 35—Keynote Speech I

Chair: Belma Baskett (International Society for Theatre and Literature) Justin McCarthy (University of Louisville), “The Turk in America”

11:35 to 11:50—Coffee break

11:50 to 13:20—Session I
“Turkish­American Relations”

Chair: Emine O. İncirlioğlu (Maltepe University)

  • Pınar Dost­Niyego (Atlantic Council Istanbul Office), “History of Turkish­American Relations”
  • Işıl Acehan (İpek University), “Impact of Ottoman Immigration on Turkish­American Relations”
  • Louis Mazzari (Boğaziçi University), “A Palazzo on the Bosphorus: The American Embassy in Beyoğlu”

13:20 to 14:30—Lunch hour

14:30 to 16:30—Session II
“The Ottoman Legacy”

Chair: Gönül Bakay (Bahçeşehir University)

  • Erin Hyde Nolan (Boston University), “Eyes Wide Shut: Images of Istanbul in Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad”
  • Bahar Gürsel (Middle East Technical University), “Letters from Abroad to Kindred at Home: Catherine Maria Sedgwick’s Ideas about the Old World and the Ottoman Empire”
  • Cafer Sarıkaya (Boğaziçi University), “Ottoman Participation in the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition”
  • Emrah Şahin (University of Florida), “‘Terrible Turk Beaten’: Fighting the Turkish Athletes during the Progressive Era”

16:30 to 16:45—Coffee break

16:45 to 17:45—Session III
“Turkish­American Associations”

Chair: Selhan Endres (Kadir Has University)

  • Zeynep Kılıç (University of Alaska) “Organizational Interpretations of Belonging and Identity ­ Politics of Incorporation among Turkish American Associations in New York”
  • Alice Leri (University of South Carolina), “A Study of ATAA (Assembly of Turkish American Associations)”

18:00 to 20:00—Cultural Studies Association Reception at Kennedy Lodge (Boğaziçi University)

Saturday, 7 June

9:00 to 17:00—Workshop registration

9:00 to 11:00—Keynote Speeches II

Chair: Louis Mazzari (Boğaziçi University)

  • Sabri Sayarı (Bahçeşehir University), “Turkish Studies in the USA”
  • Kemal Sılay (Indiana University), “Deconstructing Kemalism, Celebrating ‘Diversity’: American Academia’s Contributions to Islamist Dystopia in Turkey”

11:00 to 11:15—Coffee break

11:15 to 12:15—Session IV

“Turkish Studies in the USA”

Chair: Clifford Endres (Kadir Has University)

  • Tuğrul Keskin, “Orientalism to Neo­Orientalism in Modern Turkish Studies”
  • Brian T. Edwards, “What’s in a Hyphen?: Between Turkish American Studies and Turkish­American Studies”

12:15 to 13:30—Lunch hour

13:30 to 15:30—Session V
“Immigration, Identity Formation, Diaspora”

Chair: Dilek Doltaş (Boğaziçi University)

  • Fazia Meberbeche (Abu Bakr Belkaid University of Tlemcen­Algeria), “The Turkish Diaspora in the United States: Immigration and Identity Formation”
  • Müzeyyen Güler (Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts), “The Second Generation of Turks who Migrated to America”
  • İlke Şanlıer Yüksel (Doğuş University), “We’re Still Living the Journey”: Media in the Daily Lives of Immigrants from Turkey”
  • Tahire Erman (Bilkent University), “Turkish Tailors Establishing Themselves in American Society: Experiences of ‘Lower Class’ Immigrants”

15:30 to 15:45—Coffee break

15:45 to 17:45—Session VI
“Turkish­American Art and Artists”

Chair: Oya Başak (Boğaziçi University)

  • Belma Baskett (International Society for Theatre and Literature), “A Brief Look at the Literature about the Turkish Immigration to the United States of America and the Hitherto Unrecorded Story of Osman and Timur”
  • Elena Furlanetto (Dortmund Technical University), “An Implausible Juncture? Locating Turkish Literature in an American Frame”
  • Elif Huntürk (Bilkent University), “Building up a New Identity through Music: The Case of Ahmet Ertegün”
  • H. Alper Maral (Yıldız University), “Bülent Arel and İlhan Mimaroğlu: Two Turkish Pioneers of Electronic Music Tuning the United States to the New World of Sounds”

17:45 to 18:00—Closing remarks / Wrap­up session

Chair: Gönül Pultar

19:30—Dinner at the Baltalimanı İstanbul University Faculty Restaurant  

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