Firges, Pascal W., Roth, Christian & Tulasoglu, Gülay (dir.), Well-Connected Domains. Towards an Entangled Ottoman History, Leiden, Brill, 2014, 294p.

firgesWell-Connected Domains offers a fresh perspective on the history of the Ottoman Empire as deeply connected to the world beyond its borders by way of trade, warfare and diplomacy, as much as intellectual exchanges, migration, and personal relations.
While for decades the Ottoman Empire has been portrayed as largely aloof and distant from – as well as disinterested in – developments abroad, this collection of essays edited by Pascal W. Firges, Tobias P. Graf, Christian Roth, and Gülay Tulasoğlu highlights the deep entanglement between the Ottoman realm and its European neighbors. Taking their starting points from individual case studies, the contributions offer novel interpretations of a variety of aspects of Ottoman history as well as new impulses for future research.

Contributors are: Sotirios Dimitriadis, Suraiya N. Faroqhi, Maximilian Hartmuth, Gábor Kármán, Aylin Koçunyan, Viorel Panaite, Nur Sobers-Khan, Michael Talbot, and Joshua M. White

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