Appel à chapitres : “Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’ in North Africa: Micro- and Macro-perspectives” — LIMITE : 01/06/2014

The so-called Arab Spring has attracted global media as well as scholarly public for several years and brought many redefined views on the whole region of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Decades-long rule of such ‘big men’ as Hosni Mobarak, Ben Ali, and/or Muammar Qaddafi came to an end at very specific global and local conditions and almost immediately, new hopes in democratization, social, ethnic and religious equality and power-sharing were put into the forefront of foreign interest in MENA. Many observers saw in the ‘Arab Spring’ a new wave of democratization of Africa and the Middle East that would have an impact on revolutions in many other countries. This scenario was not fulfilled and even the hopes given in countries as Egypt or Libya ended up rather in haze with regional fragmentation in the latter and social turbulences in the former.

Editors (Daniel Křížek and Jan Záhořík) seek such chapters that deal both with macro- and micro- perspectives on the ‘Arab Spring’ in North Africa. Chapters can thus discuss the influence of revolutionary wave in North Africa on other regions in Africa or the Middle East, as well as particular case study at the very local level. The intention is to bring together new perspectives and insights on what has been labelled as the ‘Arab Spring’ and put it into comparative perspective. The monograph will be submitted at Indiana University Press.



DEADLINE FOR CHAPTERS:      6th August 2014

DATE OF PUBLICATION:            First half of 2015

Daniel Krizek
Department of the Middle Eastern Studies
University of West Bohemia
Sedláčkova 15
Plzen, 30125 Czech Republic

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