LMEI Conference : “Demographic Change in the GCC States: Economic and Social Implications” — SOAS, Londres (Royaume-Uni), 30-31/05/2014

file92950The economic and social landscapes of the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been significantly affected by rapid and far-reaching demographic developments in recent decades. Change has been spearheaded mainly through a combined process of fast natural increase and a significant rise in the number of foreign workers, with major implications for key policy areas such as youth, women and migrant labour.

This timely conference addresses how demographic change in the GCC region has been both contributing to and reflecting such new developments in policy. Acting as a key forum for and gathering together of academic experts, policy-makers and representatives of NGOs, the conference will highlight and address key economic and social issues that are expected to continue to dominate the future development agenda in the GCC states.

The conference will address how these dynamic changes are creating opportunities and challenges for future development policies for both state and private enterprises. Of particular concern will be how the youth bulge will continue to shape and be shaped by future economic growth, and whether GCC member states will be able to provide coherent policies to ensure a more inclusive approach to women and youth in the labour market. Other key issues to be considered include how far dependence on foreign labour will evolve, the need for reconciling private-sector demands with national labour skills, alternative ways of coping with pressure for change and the future integration and stability of the GCC in light of demographic challenges.

Admission: £10 (standard) & £5 (conc. for students and those above 65, proof required). Preregistration required. To register visit the SOAS Online Store.

Organiser: London Middle East Institute

Contact email: vp6@soas.ac.uk / lh2@soas.ac.uk

Contact Tel: 020 7898 4330 / 4490

Sponsor: University College of Bahrain

Information: http://www.soas.ac.uk/lmei/events/30may2014-demographic-change-in-the-gcc-states-economic-and-social-implications-.html

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