3 Visiting Fellowships, European Global Studies with focus on « Europe and Global Aging » — LIMITE : 31/05/2014

The Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel invites applications from qualified scholars to join the institute for a fixed-term Fellowship during the academic year 2015 (starting March or mid-September 2015).

The Institute for European Global Studies is an interdisciplinary research institute at Switzerland’s oldest university, the University of Basel. With an established study program on the MA level and a planned doctoral program, the Institute focuses on European Global Studies and develops concepts and methods to reveal the close interconnectedness between Europe, Asia and Africa across cultural, geographic, and linguistic borders and the consequences of such entanglements on the global and the local level.

Fellows will benefit from the excellent work conditions and from academic exchange with international colleagues. They will find both the freedom and the inspiration necessary to work on a research project that is hard to realize under the conditions of everyday academic life.

We welcome applications from researchers who are working on a project that fits into the general research perspective of the institute and at the same within the research focus of Europe and Global aging. In 2050, the number of people above the age of 60 will exceed the number of those below the age of 15. This development will influence almost all areas of life worldwide. The Institute for European Global Studies intends to expand the existing Research Network Europe and Global Aging with partners discussing the challenge of the demographic shift for tomorrow’s world.

Prospective Visiting Fellows have an established track record in the field of European Global Studies and have at the same time cultivated the ability to think “outside the box”.  Please apply with a CV, names and contact data of 3 scholars from different disciplines and familiar with your work and the outline of a research project. Ideally, a fellow’s research project will provide fresh impulses to his/her field of expertise – both methodologically as well as in terms of the research perspective. Visiting Fellows should also be eager and willing to exchange with colleagues, share their ideas about research in and on a Global Europe and to further contribute to the extraordinary atmosphere of the Institute for European Global Studies.

Please use the available form and send your application to europa(at)unibas.ch with the reference number applications_2014_1.

The institute particularly welcomes applications from candidates with a background in history, political science, law, economics or a combination thereof. However, interested researchers from other fields who feel that they can contribute to the larger questions investigated at the institute are also invited to apply.

The Institute for European Global Studies strongly encourages qualified women scholars to apply as well as applications from researchers in the kick-off phase of a new project as the center can offer longer-term project hosting opportunities.

The deadline for application is May 31th, 2014.

Applicants are advised to inform themselves about the institute at http://europa.unibas.ch or to contact the institute’s head office via e-mail (sabine.makhdoomi(at)unibas.ch)

For the search Committee
Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren

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