3 Appels à articles sur la Syrie : Centre for Syrian Studies, University for St Andrews — LIMITES : consulter les appels

Work on Syria can be published by the Centre for Syrian Studies, University for St Andrews

Presently, three opportunities for publication are available:

(1) Under 5000 words (for scholars & students affiliated with the Centre) – the new “Inspired by Syria”: http://www.inspired-by-syria.com; http://www.inspired-by-syria.com/#!articles/c164h; Please send completed work rather than an abstract.

(2) 5000-15,000 words – the official peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal of the Centre: “Syria Studies”. http://ojs.st-andrews.ac.uk/index.php/syria/user. You can either send work that complies with the current Call for Papers:  http://ojs.st-andrews.ac.uk/index.php/syria/announcement, or you can send a paper with a different focus that would be considered for publication in a different issue. Please submit an abstract of 100 words if you are interested in having your work published by Syria Studies. http://ojs.st-andrews.ac.uk/index.php/syria/about/submissions#onlineSubmissions

(3) A forthcoming book on the “Syrian Uprising” – edited by Raymond Hinnebusch & Yezid Sayigh: Deadline for receiving completed work – June 30, 2014. Contact to Omar Imady, Managing Editor of Syria Studies (oi3@st-andrews.ac.uk).

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