Borecki, Pawel, Annotated Legal Documents on Islam in Europe: Poland, Leiden, Brill, 2014, 150p.

Compiled and Annotated by Paweł Borecki, University of Warsaw, with an introduction by Agata S. Nalborczyk, University of Warsaw

This volume of Annoted Legal Documents on Islam in Europe covers Poland and consists of an annotated collection of legal documents affecting the status of Islam and Muslims in Europe. The legal texts are published in the original Polish language while the annotations and supporting material are in English. By legal documents are meant the texts of legislation, including relevant secondary legislation, as well as significant court decisions. Each legal text is preceded by an introduction describing the historical, political and legal circumstances of its adoption, plus a short paragraph summarizing its content. The focus of the collection is on the religious dimensions of being Muslim in Europe, i.e. on individuals’ access to practise their religious obligations and on the ability to organize and manifest their religious life.

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