Alhiez, Abdulaziz (dir.), The Afghan Dilemma.Taliban and the United States, Doha, Forum for Arab and International Relations, 2014.

Capture d’écran 2014-04-14 à 12.03.43The return of Taliban to the Afghan political scene and the impending withdrawal of foreign troops from the country by the end of 2014 are only two of the many pressing issues that call for further investigation and in depth analyses. Hence the Doha Conference on “The Afghan Dilemma,” organized by the Forum for Arab and International Relations to shed more light on the possible scenarios for a long term solution, and for a viable dialogue between US, Taliban and other Afghan groups in the foreseeable future.

The present book of conference proceedings includes the most insightful contributions to our convention. It also tackles two related issues of paramount significance for the understanding and ultimate solution of the Afghan crisis: the problematic US-Pakistan relations, and the use of drones as a new- but no less brutal- war tactic with mounting numbers of civilian casualties.
We hope this book will instigate further explorations of the prospects for dialogue and mutual understanding between all parties concerned, leading to peace and tranquility in this war-torn and tragic country

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