Journal of Near Eastern Studies, avril 2014, vol. 73, n°1


Robert K. Ritner and Nadine Moeller

Eric P. Hamp

John Z. Wee

Kent Rigsby

Amanda H. Podany

Uri Rubin

Yağmur Heffron

Noga Ayali-Darshan

Andrew Knapp


Review by: Alexander Ahrens

Review by: Metin Alparslan

Review by: Rients de Boer

Review by: Mark B. Garrison

Review by: Massimo Maiocchi

Review by: Natalie N. May

Review by: John P. Nielsen

Review by: Maurizio Viano

Review by: Janine Wende

Review by: Aaron Brody

Review by: Ralph W. Klein

Review by: Dennis Pardee

Review by: Ben Haring

Review by: Brian P. Muhs

Review by: Miriam Müller

Review by: Sabine Müller

Review by: Robin M. Brown

Review by: Orit Bashkin

Review by: Fred Donner

Review by: Nahyan Fancy

Review by: Adam R. Gaiser

Review by: Wilferd Madelung

Review by: Elias Muhanna


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