Panel « Post-Islamism in Turkey », Fourth World Congress for Middle East Studies (WOCMES) — METU, Ankara (Turquie), 18-22/08/2014

 Organized by Isabel David and Tugrul Keskin
Co-sponsored by
Critical Sociology
Turkish and Ottoman Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington

Post-Islamism in Turkey: Theoretical Approach

Co-sponsored by Sociology of Islam Journal

Moderator : Tugrul Keskin

Intellectual debate on Post-Islamism
Associate Professor Michelangelo Guida – Istanbul 29 Mayis University

“Respeaking the Ottoman Words, Reliving the Ottoman World: The Cultural Significance of Turkey’s Imperial Past and Its Political Significance for Turkish Islamism(s)”
Professor Kemal Silay – Indiana University, Bloomington

Vakif as Intent and Practice: Charity and Poor Relief in Contemporary Turkey
Assistant Professor Damla Isik – Regis University

Muslimism and Sites of Hybridity: Re-theorizing Contemporary Islam in Turkey
PhD. Neslihan Cevik – University of Virginia

Gulen Movement and Post-Islamism

Co-sponsored by Turkish and Ottoman Studies at Indiana University

Moderator : Kemal Silay

Post-Islamism or Veering Toward Political Modernity? Ideology and Islam in the Gülen Movement
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow  – Fabio Vicini – 29 Mayıs University

Becoming Muhacir, becoming Şakirde: A Case of Female University Students from Central Asia in the Gülen Movement in Turkey
MA Candidate – Marhabo Saparova – Sabanci University

Post-Islamist practices between Turkey and Tanzania: A perspective on teachers and businessmen inspired by Fethullah Gülen
Kristina Dohrn – Freie Universität

Emergent Actors, Emerging Narratives: Competing Representations of Islam and Turkey in North America
Oguz Alyanak PhD Student – Washington University in St. Louis

JDP, Post-Islamism and Neoliberalism

Co-sponsored by Critical Sociology

Moderator: Isabel David

AKP’s Shifts between Islamism and post-Islamism: What can the “December 17 Process” Tell Us?
Assistant Professor Beken Saatcioglu – Kemerburgaz University

Beyond Takkiye vs. Liberalism?: Turkey’s “Post-Islamist” Foreign Policy
Assistant Professor  Nora Fisher Onar – Bahcesehir University

A Customized Neo-Liberalism with a Moral Call: An Assessment of the Growing JDP Connections in Turkish Businesses
Lecturer Gül Berna ÖZCAN – University of London

Distilling the Problems of Post-Islamism through the case of Turkey’s AKP (or AKP through a glass darkly)
PhD Candidate Bilge Azgin – University of Manchester

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