Appel à communications : Workshop « State Building and Gender in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since 2003 », University of Kurdistan-Hewlêr, Erbil, 27/05/2014 — LIMITE : 06/04/2014

As part of the the Academic Collaboration research project, the LSE MEC and AUD are organising a workshop at the University of Kurdistan-Hewlêr in Erbil on 27 May 2014. This workshop focuses on the relationship between international actors in institutional reconstruction and gender relations in Kurdistan-Iraq since 2003. The workshop will particularly assess the attempts to improve women’s status in this region, the areas of progress and problems that emerged. It will also provide a forum for discussing the implications of policies for the future of gender equality and for recommending new policies and courses of action.

We invite abstracts for proposed papers on the theme of state-building and gender relations in Kurdistan-Iraq, focusing on the following topics:

  • State-building and institutional changes focused on gender since 2003
  • UN activities concerned with the issue of gender
  • The role of local and international women’s NGOs in increasing awareness of gender equality and improving the status of women
  • The relationships between the UN, the government and local NGOs: opportunities and challenges
  • Long-term views of the status of women: continuities and discontinuities from 1991 to today
  • Government responses to violence against women and the implications of changes in women’s political participation
  • Women’s status and the impact of new policies since 2003: differences and similarities between urban and rural areas
  • Actions and policies aimed at improving gender equality: prioritising ‘equality of opportunity’ or ‘equality of outcome’?
  • To apply

    Proposals for 20-minute papers should comprise the paper title, an abstract (250 words), a short biographical statement, contact details and affiliation. Please use the paper proposal form provided

    Applications for papers should be sent by email by 6 April 2014 to:

    For more information, please contact Zeynep Kaya:

    Regrettably participation expenses cannot be covered.

    Deadline for paper proposals: 6 April 2014
    Notification of successful panels and papers: 14 April 2014
    Deadline for submitting papers: 12 May 2014


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