Conférence : Nathan Tabor, doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, “Ethical Publics and Urdu Poetics in Muslim North India” — Multicultural Center, Western Michigan University, 18h, 27/03/2014

Tabor_Flier_3.27“When Muslims recite poetry together, literature takes on a markedly social function. During the 18th century, Persian language speakers in Iran and India formed literary networks by reciting verse at commemorative gatherings for poets and saints. Urdu language speakers in South Asia maintain this tradition today by using literary gatherings to broadcast populist religious ideals, shared irony, and political satire, constituting a public arena where politics and aesthetics come together in verse.”

The talk will take place at the Multicultural Center, Adrian Trimpe Hall, 1081 Knollwood Ave. This event is free and open to the public. This event is part of the “Islam in Global Perspective Speaker Series.”

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