Appel à manuscrits pour la nouvelle collection “Gender & Islam”, Gerlach Press — Appel ouvert

The new book series Gender & Islam offers an interdisciplinary forum for original and innovative research on gender and sexuality in both past and present Muslim societies, reaching across language and regional boundaries. Our aim is to give visibility and systematic consideration to a wide range of thematically and theoretically linked yet still not firmly structured academic interests in subjects that go beyond the already well-established field of women and gender studies inside area studies.

Among the issues to be addressed by the book series are:
– Gender and sexuality in the foundational texts of Islam
– Islamic legal and ethical traditions pertaining to sex, gender and sexuality
– History of sexual relationships, marriage and family life in Muslim societies
– Corporeal practices and gender boundaries
– Sex, gender and reproduction in Islamicate science and medicine
– Literary and media representations of body, sexuality and desire
– Sexual politics and social change in modern and contemporary Muslim countries
– Family planning, reproductive health and procreative medicine
– Practices and discourses of sex reassignment
– Feminisms in the Muslim world
– Same sex relationships and LGBTQ activism

To find out more about this new series and about Gerlach Press, please visit this website:

Manuscripts will go through a competent and anonymous fast peer review process. Books are published in e-format and hardcopy, according to the highest professional standards and without cost to the author/editor. All manuscripts are to be submitted in English.

To contact the publisher:

To contact the editorial team:

Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Budapest ( / Randi Deguilhem, Aix-en-Provence ( / Bettina Dennerlein, Zurich (


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